Body temperature above 39.5 degrees to endure difficult and dangerous, especially to people with diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and some other chronic conditions. Pregnant women are strictly forbidden to tolerate high temperature, and children may develop convulsions during its rise above 40 degrees. Some individuals have an individual intolerance of elevated body temperature. All these cases require immediate medical eliminate fever.

Lower than the temperature of the child

To do this, first use tried and tested old methods, without the use of drugs. Cool the air to 20 degrees, often ventilate the nursery. These activities increase the heat of the human body. It is necessary to humidify the air in the room by using humidifiers or wet towels. Dry air leads to greater fluid loss, drying and inflammation of mucous membranes. The child needs frequent and excessive drinking, as well as easily digestible food.

If the above methods did not help and the body temperature remains above 39.5 degrees, then go to the use of drugs. All anti-fever medications contain the same active ingredients. "Paracetamol" - a harmless analgesic, used only on prescription, and in doses appropriate to the age of the child. Suspension "Panadol" allows you to quickly lower body temperature, and candle "Nurofen" have a more prolonged effect due to the main active ingredient — ibuprofen. He is also an antipyretic has analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions, reduces the temperature in infectious pathologies. Suspension "Nurofen" is permitted for children from 3 months at the dosage chosen doctor.

Than reduce the temperature in an adult

There are a large number of different fever reducing medicine for adults. The most effective and common of these are based on paracetamol. Available medicines in the form of tablets, syrups, suppositories, powders and injections. "Panadol", "Fervex", "Efferalgan", "Aspirin", "Coldrex" - the most common drugs that lower high body temperature.

When the temperature is approaching 40 degrees, can not wait another minute. Quick remedy for fever is enema. Tablet "Acetylsalicylic acid" is ground into powder and diluted in water to make it as fast as possible absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall and started to act. For fast control of high temperature is also used injection. As the drug is a mixture consisting of dipyrone, papaverine and diphenhydramine, taken in equal proportions. This mixture paramedics administered to the patient for quick temperature drop and elimination of thermal crisis.