If the temperature is less than 38,5°C, and the patient feels well, to knock it is not necessary. It helps the body to deal with this virus. But the temperature is above that figure, and especially approaching to 40°C, down must, and the sooner the better. Effective in fighting high fever medicines. But along with them the complex are encouraged to apply, and to mitigate stress to the body.

Folk remedies

To begin with ensure the patient cool. No blankets, and warm clothes. Patient wear easily, and in a room the temperature was lowered to 20°C.

Be sure to give the patient to drink plenty of fluids, as the temperature causes dehydration. Better to drink regular water or mineral water, herbal teas (Linden blossom, leaves and branches of a raspberry), fruit drinks, fruit drinks. The sugar in the drink need not be added.

At a temperature of 40°C possible from the waist to immerse the patient in a bath with warm water. Water should not be cold. In the bath to hold the man for about 20 minutes, massaging with his body with a washcloth to increase heat transfer and enhance blood circulation.

You can wrap patient in a sheet soaked in water or decoction of yarrow and chamomile (2 tsp of herb per liter of water, boil water bath for 15 minutes).

Well bring down the temperature of the sponging with vinegar. For that 9% vinegar is diluted with water in proportion 1:5 and wipe moistened with a sponge the entire surface of the skin of the patient, starting from the back and abdomen, ending with the limbs. This procedure, like tubs, can be repeated every 2 hours.

The patient can wipe with vodka, diluted in half with water.

On the forehead and temples, wrists, and groin area can be applied a towel soaked in the decoction of mint. To change every 10 minutes.


Medicines traditionally the temperature down with paracetamol or ibuprofen. Dosage for children: paracetamol 15 mg/kg of ibuprofen -10 mg/kg For children better to use rectal candles, because elevated temperature increases the gag reflex, and take a pill or suspension is difficult.

Pregnant it is better to give preference to paracetamol, not more than 1 tablet in 6 hours. Ibuprofen also take no more than 4 times a day.

At a temperature which does not break, it is possible to make an injection of analgin and Dimedrol with papaverine. The dosage for adults is 1 ampoule. For children – 0.1 ml of solution per one year of life. But better call an Ambulance, particularly if a high temperature for a long time holding a small child.