If the thermometer shows a temperature above 39 degrees, you must take steps to reduce it. The simplest and most well - known remedy is the paracetamol or the medication based on it. Ideally, it should act within the hour, however, it often happens that the allotted time has passed, and the temperature fell one degree. Accept in this case, ibuprofen or nimesulide (or their equivalents). These tools are much more effective than paracetamol but have more contraindications, so read the instructions before using the drugs.

If a medicine is powerless against high temperature, do a rubdown with vodka or Apple cider vinegar, diluted with water (1:2). Soak the elbow and knee folds and armpits. If during the procedure you starts to shiver, it means having a vasospasm. Continue rubbing in this case is not only useless, but dangerous. Cuddle up and drink hot tea to warm up. Then take a pill shpy, it will eliminate vasospasm, and your condition is normalized.

Dampen a towel with cold water and apply it to his forehead. Change the compress when it becomes warm. It's not the most effective means to reduce the temperature, but it is good for human health.

If the above methods prove ineffective, make the injection of the lytic mixture. Mix 1 ml of diphenhydramine, and 2 ml of papaverine and dipyrone. Slowly inject the medication into the muscle.

If after the injection the temperature fell, call a physician. Most likely, the situation is more serious than you think and without the help of a specialist can not do. After inspection he will make a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment. Be prepared for possible hospitalization. Sometimes to bring down a high temperature only in the hospital environment.