You will need
  • Chiffon 140*250 cm;
  • A hidden zipper.
Fold the fabric four times. Note only one detail – wedge skirts. The edges measure out a quarter of the circumference of the waist and step length (step length measured curved line from one corner to another, strictly against the corner, gley marked waist).
Cut wedges with a small seam. Panel edge on the machine with overlock.
From the remnants of tailor two parts of the belt. The length of the belt corresponds to waist, height without seam 3 see Panel edge details on the machine, align the parts face each other and sostrochite on the upper side. Remove.
Fold the side edges of the wedges and sew among themselves, leaving a small back slit for zipper. Fold the top edge of the skirt and the belt, baste, try on. If everything is in order, sew seam "over the edge". Vsheyte the zipper in the back.