Advice 1: How to sew a chiffon skirt

The word chiffon originates from French where it means simply "cloth". In the Russian language is the thin translucent fabric of silk fiber used in the manufacture of summer dresses, scarves, shawls and other clothing. Long skirt "the sun" from chiffon creates the impression of ethereal lightness of the whole body, and especially of gait. The cut of this skirt is quite simple, but requires a large amount of fabric.
How to sew a chiffon skirt
You will need
  • Chiffon 140*250 cm;
  • A hidden zipper.
Fold the fabric four times. Note only one detail – wedge skirts. The edges measure out a quarter of the circumference of the waist and step length (step length measured curved line from one corner to another, strictly against the corner, gley marked waist).
Cut wedges with a small seam. Panel edge on the machine with overlock.
From the remnants of tailor two parts of the belt. The length of the belt corresponds to waist, height without seam 3 see Panel edge details on the machine, align the parts face each other and sostrochite on the upper side. Remove.
Fold the side edges of the wedges and sew among themselves, leaving a small back slit for zipper. Fold the top edge of the skirt and the belt, baste, try on. If everything is in order, sew seam "over the edge". Vsheyte the zipper in the back.
Before wearable give the skirt to otvisetsya on the rack. The fabric is a bit elongated and acquire the final length.

Advice 2 : How to finger knit skirt

Buffet skirt – this is a convenient solution that allows you to quickly and beautifully draping a festive table. It will help to visually combine multiple tables and support the design of the room the appropriate color.
How to finger knit skirt
You will need
  • Fabric
  • scissors
  • Mel,
  • line
  • thread
  • the needle
  • sewing machine,
  • tape "Velcro".
Measure the height of the decorated table. This value will correspond to the height of the table skirts. If you reduce the height of the skirt a few inches, its lower edge will not touch the floor and it randomly will not come. If you don't know the exact height of the table, make the skirt a height in 72-73 see This size will be enough for the average table. Then measure the perimeter of the table. It will fit the length of the skirt. If you are going to string together a few tables, don't do the buffet too long skirt. It is more practical to prepare two skirts and need to combine them. Besides, these ornaments are easier to transport and wash.
Purchase material for the future table skirts. A suitable option can be any flowing fabric made of synthetic fibers. Such fabrics tend to be light, durable and resistant to fading. As an example, you can offer 100% polyester. Drape a skirt from this fabric is not difficult. Besides, if dirty, easy to wash.
The main decoration of table skirts are pleated. They can be unilateral and bilateral the counter. To make a skirt with accordion pleats lay cloth on a suitable surface. Then fold it in half, face inward. Stepping back from the bend 4 cm, apply a chalk line. Along this line, baste fold. Expand the fabric and place the resulting folds in the same direction. Take iron and zautyuzhte them. To make the folds better kept prostrochite them on the sewing machine two lines parallel to the top edge of the skirt. If you want to do a finger skirt with inverted pleats bilateral, prepare in the manner fabric, but before utjuzhkoj every fold unfold and lay on both sides of the middle crease. Then just stitch the top edge of the skirt, so the pleats stay together.
Banquet skirt can be attached to the tablecloth with tape "Velcro". Measure a piece of ribbon the same length as your skirt. Having separated layers of tape, one part pristrochite to the upper edge of the skirt, and the other sew around the perimeter of the tablecloth.

Advice 3 : How to sew a long skirt

Long summer skirt is not difficult to sew even aspiring needlewoman. Sew don't need a pattern. In addition, this product will need to fight all three stitches, not counting the wrap..
Long skirt can be combined with a shirt, a jacket, a blouse or shirt
You will need
  • - fabric: width – 1.5 m length – 1-1 m 2, depending on your height;
  • - threads in tone;
  • - pins;
  • - a wide black elastic band.
Prepare all the details. Treat the four edges of the fabric convenient for you stitch (zigzag, straight, overlock). Measure the desired length of the elastic band. It should fit snugly to the waist or hips (depending on how you used to wear skirts), but not to push. Also treat short cuts that the band didn't crumble.
Make the Assembly on the upper edge. To do this, at the distance of 0,7-1 cm from the edge lay straight seam stitches wide. Then gently pull the end of the thread, spreading the folds throughout its length. Continue as long as the upper section of the skirt will be longer than the belt 20 cm.
Secure the elastic on the fabric. To do this, attach the belt seamy side to the front side of the fabric. The segment should go to the gum for 1-2 see After that at intervals attach the fabric to the belt with safety pins.
Pristrochite elements to each other, going from pin to pin and remove them. Slightly pull on the rubber band during operation.
Connect the side sections face each other. Sostrochite them, moving from belt to bottom of skirt.
Ratatouille back seam in three stages. First from the wrong side priutyuzhte allowances to one side, then in different. Then from the front again apply the allowances in different directions.
Now can postpone the required length of the product. Try on the skirt with the shoes, which will most often be wearing it. With a pin attach length. It is desirable that at this stage, you someone helped.
From the inside mark a chalk line bottom edge of the skirt. Back 3-4 cm for seam allowance and draw the entire length of the line. This layout cut unnecessary strip (it is possible to make a brooch flower for t-shirts and thus create a beautiful set). Sewn cut and zautyuzhte ACC inside out. Route the line from the line of total seam, securing the seam allowance. The long skirt is ready!
The color and pattern of fabric for the skirt choose according to your taste and characteristics of the shape. Girls of low growth with the extra inches on the hips is contraindicated for patterns with large elements. The rest I can afford any color of fabric: solid color, leopard print, in small or large flower.
Useful advice
For sewing summer skirts take lightweight flowing fabric that will freely lie in small folds. It can be rayon, silk, Batiste, chiffon, etc.
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