Pattern and sewing skirts-flashlight

Typically, this skirt women sew on their own in that case, if you do not find a suitable model, color or length in the store. For patterns you need to take the fabric rectangle, the length of which corresponds to the hip measurement plus 5 inches) and carve out of it a long belt top edge. Belt length should be equal to the waist – at desire it is possible to add allowances on bilateral bow.

Skirt-lantern cut out pattern similarly to the conventional skirt ducklike, but it contains the lining, which is shorter than the rest of the fabric for 10 inches.

Then cut out the bottom chord, the length of which corresponds to the waist measurement (plus 8 inches). After that the top edge of fabric to prioraty to the size of the waist and the bottom to the size that would be free to walk in the skirt. Then you sew the side seam, leaving the top 10 cm. Long upper belt reinforced center material, and then folded in half and with wrong side up, and the long and short edges are sewn to the waist. Then the skirt is turned over and its upper edge is sewn long girdle, and the lower folded half ribbon or elastic band. After Ironing it with an iron skirt the flashlight is fully ready.

What to wear with a skirt-flashlight

Today it is fashionable to sew a skirt-flashlight simple shirt or top of any suitable hue to it – the result is a stylish and original dress. Because the skirt is very lush, to combine with other things she needs right – now, the upside to it is better to choose in the form of blouses, tops or shirts must be contrasting narrow and without sleeves or collars with high volume. From the simplicity of the cut of the top will depend on its harmonious combination with the skirt and the torch. Do not try to combine with this skirt sports top.

Best of all this skirt looks great on slender girls and women because it adds volume to the hips.

From the shoes to the skirt-fit flashlight of different options – so if the model looks, youth and sports, under it you can wear sneakers, ballet flats and flip flops that are perfect for resort locations. Strict and business models skirts flashlight is best combined with classic heels, while her moccasins absolutely not compatible, such as the ensemble are able to visually shorten the length of the legs. The ideal choice are sandals, ankle boots and pumps – in this case, the longer the skirt, the flashlight, the higher should be the heel.