You will need
  • - cut the working fabric;
  • paper;
  • - scissors;
  • - chalk or remnant;
  • pencil;
  • a pair of compasses;
  • centimeter;
  • - pins.
Make the necessary measurements for the pattern skirt polyanna. You should learn the half of the circumference of the waist and the desired length of the product. Keep in mind that the clothes should be free to embrace the waist – this should leave a seam allowance about 1 cm For example, try to find the product poluobhvat waist 32 cm, length 64 cm
Now we need to calculate the radius of the recess for the waist line (this is a short rounded top line of the main parts cut, which is sewn belt). This can be done according to the following formula: 1/3 is multiplied by poluobhvat waist (here: 32); add 1 cm (allowance for freedom of fit). The resulting number is multiplied by 2; then subtracted a couple of inches. Example: 1/3(32+1)x2-2= 20 cm constitute the length of the radius of the cavity.
Take a piece of fabric the size you want. The length of the fabric in this case should be equal 64х2=128 cm, two lengths future of clothing. The desired width of the canvas you can find out if the length of the model (in this example 64 cm) allow the radius of the cut-waist (20 cm), and attach additional 6 see Succeed 64+20+6=90 cm.
Fold the working piece of fabric with sizes of at least 128 90 cm in half wrong sides of the top. Fold the cut should be located to the left. Waist line pre-draw on paper, then attach the pattern to the top corner of the fabric and mark a sector with a radius of 20 cm Is the height parts cut.
On the top and bottom edge of the cloth mark the length of the skirt and draw a rounded hem. You now have ready a quarter of a circle-"sun", and two sides of the folded work piece is a semicircle ("the bell").
Mark the remnant or tailor's chalk dotted lines the standard seam allowance on the back connecting seam 1.5 cm, and the waist - hem of 2-2,5 see Carefully cleave a dual segment pins, so the line cuts the ground cloth is not sold under the scissors.
Separately will have plenty of belt for clothes. Its length will be equal to the waist line plus 3-3. 5 cm for a button closure. Width 6 cm (3 cm front and reverse side).
If you managed to properly cut a skirt-the bell, sew the back sections of the cloth, treat the bottom edge of the product and sew the waistband. The upper part of the connecting seam leave free – it you sew a hidden zip.