You will need
  • - fabric: width – 1.5 m length – 1-1 m 2, depending on your height;
  • - threads in tone;
  • - pins;
  • - a wide black elastic band.
Prepare all the details. Treat the four edges of the fabric convenient for you stitch (zigzag, straight, overlock). Measure the desired length of the elastic band. It should fit snugly to the waist or hips (depending on how you used to wear skirts), but not to push. Also treat short cuts that the band didn't crumble.
Make the Assembly on the upper edge. To do this, at the distance of 0,7-1 cm from the edge lay straight seam stitches wide. Then gently pull the end of the thread, spreading the folds throughout its length. Continue as long as the upper section of the skirt will be longer than the belt 20 cm.
Secure the elastic on the fabric. To do this, attach the belt seamy side to the front side of the fabric. The segment should go to the gum for 1-2 see After that at intervals attach the fabric to the belt with safety pins.
Pristrochite elements to each other, going from pin to pin and remove them. Slightly pull on the rubber band during operation.
Connect the side sections face each other. Sostrochite them, moving from belt to bottom of skirt.
Ratatouille back seam in three stages. First from the wrong side priutyuzhte allowances to one side, then in different. Then from the front again apply the allowances in different directions.
Now can postpone the required length of the product. Try on the skirt with the shoes, which will most often be wearing it. With a pin attach length. It is desirable that at this stage, you someone helped.
From the inside mark a chalk line bottom edge of the skirt. Back 3-4 cm for seam allowance and draw the entire length of the line. This layout cut unnecessary strip (it is possible to make a brooch flower for t-shirts and thus create a beautiful set). Sewn cut and zautyuzhte ACC inside out. Route the line from the line of total seam, securing the seam allowance. The long skirt is ready!