The pros and cons of Dating on the street

The street is one of the most difficult places to explore, because you need not only look impressive but also be interested in the girl, for her to find an individual approach, hold a conversation and not seem Intrusive. However, despite all the difficulties, getting acquainted on the street, the guy has the ability to choose his only among many women of different ages and social status.

With what to begin acquaintance?

The most simple, banal, but very effective way of meeting a cute joke or a compliment, but more importantly - to keep the conversation going and not to get lost. If it is visible that the girl is to communicate, then you can subtly hint her on a walk or ask for a phone number.
A girl will never start the acquaintance with scruffy unkempt guy, the appearance must be perfect!

Strike up a conversation with the fairer sex as possible, asking her a question how to get to the popular nearby object, for example, theater or shopping Mall. If the girl slowly began to describe the route, it's a good idea to offer her a joint trip, during which you can discuss the weather, latest news, videos, movies etc. Another original way to discover is to ask the girl how to do it. In this case, she will have the opportunity to feel as a psychologist, in this case the problem of a guy - listen carefully and take note of her advice. And then you can gently ask the lady to move from theory to practice.
Assertiveness and aggression can cause girls disgust and fear, so they are invalid when meeting!

What not to do when meeting on the street?

At the first meeting it is undesirable to make any sudden movements, you should not say offensive or vulgar expressions, it's definitely not like beloved. In any case, you cannot act too aggressively or aggressive, if the girl will see that she is not ready to reciprocate - it is better to look for another candidate. We should not forget that the fairer sex "meet on clothes", but this does not mean you have to dress up like a parrot, it is enough to be neat and stylish. If a girl gave lapel-turn, no need to be rude to her, or to laugh it off, it does not improve the situation.

How to complete the first meeting?

Complete familiarity can not only capture the phone number, but as a first date. A great option would be to invite a girl to the movies, cafes or any other institution, to give flowers and to continue the dialogue in a welcoming environment.