How to start a conversation with a girl?

Feel free to talk about yourself. If a girl agreed to come out – then the young man she was at least not indifferent. But rather, she likes him. But if the girl is going to be disappointed the first date, she hardly wants to meet this guy on. Therefore, if a young person doesn't want the first date was the last, he should immediately make a girl a good impression, to show that he is intelligent, serious, educated people. For this you need to tell about himself – where he is studying or working, what future plans that have already managed to achieve. You can tell about your Hobbies, Hobbies, for example, what kind of music he likes to listen to, how they spend their free time.
We should not exaggerate its merits, but do not diminish them.

You can also start a conversation with her Hobbies, a hobby. If she was vacationing abroad, young people can ask about the most favorite attractions of the country. To talk need confident, calm voice. You should not consider the girl to stop, otherwise she might be embarrassed, "shut down". But periodically, to see her look not only possible, but necessary.

To create a relaxed atmosphere, you can tell some funny story to share impressions about the trip in some country, for example.

What to say to a girl?

Talk about what a wonderful person. The conversation proceeded in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, good pre to bring about the interlocutor's help. After all, if the guy knows what the lady likes, what are her tastes, it will be much easier to interest the girl. Especially if it turns out that they have some common Hobbies, interests, preferences.
You can visit her pages on social networks to talk about a girl with mutual friends.

You can ask her about her tastes, Hobbies directly on the date. But we should not be too persistent in questioning. The girl should not get the impression that this guy is not very considerate.

In any case it is impossible to ask a girl about her ex-boyfriend. Similarly, you should not remember their ex-girlfriends, and especially to compare it with them. If the first date will make a good impression on the girl, she will almost certainly want to continue to meet the guy.