How to meet a girl on the street

Give up all the banal and vulgar phrases, even if they are popular and sound cool. Sentences starting with "Girl, can I come with you to meet?" and ending with "Your dress will look good on the floor beside my bed" cause at least indifference and at most anger.
It is better to use a simple phrase, than to shock the girl with obscenity or outright give her a strange offer.

If you are interested in an intelligent girl, try this: grab a pen and pad or a thick folder with sheets of paper, walk up to any lady and say, "Good afternoon. Do you have a minute to help me? I'm writing a book about women and collect statistics and opinions of the girls so as not to distort information." You can refer to the fact that conducting research, preparing statistics, etc. the Main thing – to interest a woman and get her talking. Another option is to ask the girl at the market or store and ask them to help choose the product, citing her impeccable taste.

You can try to use funny phrases, including "Hello, I'm Prince. Here's my white horse is not ran?" or "Good afternoon. You can invite the Registrar?" You can also make a compliment. But don't use platitudes like "You are so beautiful." Note an interesting manicure, lovely hairstyle, the original decoration. If you see clothing or accessories made by hand (for example, beaded bracelet), I can say that it looks great and ask, did the girl of his own.
The option of made by hand things are easier to continue the conversation: you can either mark the skill of a girl, or ask what she enjoys, if she knits and weaves of the product.

Phrases for online Dating

If you liked a girl on a Dating site, social network, etc., you can try to talk to her. This option is convenient because you will have time to think about the answers, and in extreme cases you can consult with friends. Use the information that is known to you. Getting acquainted through the Internet, you can find out the name of the woman, her preferences, to learn a little bit about your lifestyle, favorite music, and much more. Use this when selecting phrases.

For fun you can use the phrase: "And you from what fairy tale?", "I was amazed by the beauty of your photos and even forgot what I wanted to say, People with common interests meet so rarely! I also like this band (film). What song (scene) you like the most?"