On a first date with a girl it is essential not to raise issues that may seem uninteresting to her. Often guys make the same mistakes when they start talking about work or school, some masculine themes or brag about their own achievements. Such a date is doomed to failure. But there are topics of conversation that any girl will support with pleasure.

Hobbies, walking and travel

The theme of Hobbies will be of interest not only to the girl but the guy. You will be able to get to know each other and understand whether you need a second date. In addition, it is a chance to learn about values in a girl's life. Be ready at the end of the conversation to tell about their favorite classes. Travel theme make a girl come back to some pleasant memories of the past. Surely she wants to share the story about how I had a wonderful vacation.

About food, holidays and Pets

Lady may long to talk about what she cooks best or how better to celebrate any occasion. You should try to gain the girl pleasant memories about your event. This will help you to make the atmosphere more relaxed. Also the fair sex are emotional about the topic of Pets. Funny stories from the life of a pet will cheer up both of you.

Wear, friends and children

Of course girls are very interested in stylish clothing. Every day they think about shopping. So give the opportunity to tell you that today she wants to buy. You can also ask what she thinks about men's clothing. At the same time you will know what to wear for your next date. Be sure to ask with whom she is friendly and communicates. Girl needs to see her social circle you are interested in. You should also touch the topic of children. Certainly, your beloved have younger brothers or sisters, nephews. Let tell you something about them.

About relationships and favorite places

Ask girls what kind of relationship she considers herself to be perfect and make appropriate conclusions. And of course an interesting topic for dialogue will be her favorite places. Let the girl tell you where she likes to go in the city. Also you can talk about some things that she especially remembered in other cities and countries.

All of the above topics will help young people to be liberated and carry on a casual conversation on a first date.