Before making any conclusions, you should understand that all the same is the RH factor. In fact, it's just a protein located on the surface of blood cells red, which are called erythrocytes. Scientists have found that it is contained in organisms, more than 85% of the people living on the planet. They are called RH-positive. The remaining 15% of the world's population on the surface of the red blood cells of the protein, so they have a negative RH factor.
It is worth noting that in everyday life most people don't even think about which category it belongs. However, in cases such as blood transfusion or pregnancy RH factor is of particular importance. We can say only that couples with different RH-factors can be children. Often the problem is not in the conception but in the carrying a child. The fact that the main danger to the unborn baby is rhesus-conflict. This is the case when the mother and fetus RH factors are different. The results of this phenomenon can be different, ranging from pathologies, and ending with miscarriage.
If you know that you have a negative RH factor, it is very heed to the choice of a partner. Ideal – the father of a child with the same RH factor as you. Otherwise, your chances of a comfortable pregnancy without complications are dramatically reduced. Luckily, science today has progressed significantly. There are modern effective methods of dealing with RH-conflict. To control the process of rejection of the fetus by mother's body, she will have to regularly donate blood from a vein to determine the number of antibodies. It is very important for the child's future, because only under the constant supervision of experts, it is possible to overcome rhesus-conflict, taking timely action.
You should know that the antibodies in the mother's body gradually appear. High probability that the first pregnancy will not cause any complications and baby will be born perfectly healthy. That is why the girl with negative RH-factor is in any case can not do abortion from RH-positive men, otherwise in the future she may have problems with child bearing. Each subsequent pregnancy from a dad with a positive RH factor will have less chances of success. Remember that if you can't get pregnant by RH positive men, then perhaps it is not so. The fact is, in some cases, conception occurs but the pregnancy is so short that you simply do not notice it. If you suspect this is the case, then you should take a break. The interval between the pregnancies more than five years can boost your chances of success.