First pregnancy in healthy women occurs in the normal way and does not depend on its rhesus affiliation. If the baby's father has RH-negative factor, according to the laws of genetics, the fetus will inherit a completely recessive trait, and in 100% of cases will have RH-negative affiliation. In this case, there will be a normal pregnancy, complications can provoke only other factors women's health, independent of the RH factor. Repeated pregnancy in a woman with a RH-negative of her husband held in the usual way and not require additional control.
In the cases where the husband has RH positive blood, there is the likelihood that a fetus is a negative factor, but only if the next of kin, the male has Rh(-). If such a pregnancy does not occur disharmony in the mother with the baby, it flows in the usual way. This fact confirms the absence of RH antibodies in the blood of a pregnant woman.
When you inherit a child dominant trait RH-positive blood from the father Rh(+) there is rhesus incompatibility between mother and fetus. In this case the mother's immune system recognizes the fetus as a foreign inclusion and produces antibodies to "fight" with the embryo. In this case the pregnant woman is prescribed monthly, and sometimes more often, a blood test to determine antibody titer. With an increase in the number of antibody a change in the liver in the fetus, because this organ is responsible for filtering the blood of the child.
If the mother's immune system weak, making the antibodies are insignificant and the fetus does not feel strong negative effects. In cases of high immunity of pregnant continually produced large amounts of antibodies and the fetus develops hemolytic disease, sometimes incompatible with life. But, as a rule, in the first pregnancy women have a low level of antibodies, and the pregnancy ends with the safe birth of the baby.
It is important to note that antibodies are formed immediately after the onset of pregnancy, i.e. women they are available even after natural or artificial abortion. Every pregnancy leads to the formation of new antibodies, which persist in the blood of women all my life. Therefore, women with a negative blood type hard to conceive after 1-2 abortions, in this case, the antibodies "attack" the newly formed embryo, and he dies in the first weeks of development. The woman sometimes does not even notice the fact of pregnancy, and watching heavy periods that accompany Samobor.
There are a number of drugs that can help a pregnant reduce immune function and slow the formation of antibodies to RH-positive factor of the fetus. Such injectable agents used in the regional perinatal centers after amniocentesis, which establish the degree of damage of the fetus. Women with increasing titer of antibodies require careful monitoring and specific treatment.