A blood test for determination of RH factorand is conducted in the following cases: to detect the incompatibility of blood mother and the fetus RH factor; for determining the compatibility of transfusion in emergency situations associated with the transfusion of blood and blood components for health reasons; for prevention of RH conflict during pregnancy, women and others.
To determine RH factorand blood immune hematological conduct the study. RH-(positive or negative) is determined by the presence of each person has antigen D (Rh antigen) on the surface of red blood cells (erythrocytes). The study is carried out in specialized immunological laboratories. Blood group of a person does not affect the presence or absence of RH factor.
A blood test for the detection of specific antibodies to RH factordo not require additional special preparation of the patient for the study. 3 hours before blood sampling it is advisable to take food.
To conduct research on the RH factor is taken blood from a vein. Blood sampling is carried out with sterile disposable material in the treatment room of the medical institution. In the laboratory the red blood cells is mixed with serum interessnoe. Blood is positive for RH factor, if there is agglutination. In the case when agglutination occurs, the blood is RH-negative. Physician assistant during the day, you issued a conclusion on the presence or absence of RH factorin the blood.