Every woman, if she plans to become a mother must know his group of blood and RH affiliation. There is a risk of development of RH-conflict if the future dad is RH positive and mother RH negative. RH-conflict occurs if the unborn child will be RH father. Then the blood of the baby will be incompatible with the mother's blood to the RHfactor. In this case, the RHfactor of the fetus (antigen) penetrates through the placental barrier, enters the bloodstream of the mother and there is rhesus incompatibility. As a result, the mother's body treats the fetus as something alien and starts producing protective antibodies.
Analysis of blood for RHfactor in the following cases: determination of transfusion compatibility; identifying incompatibility of blood of mother and fetus of RHfactor; prophylaxis of rhesus-conflict during pregnancy; preoperative preparation.
Immune hematological study allows us to define a group of blood man and his RHfactor. Red blood cells (erythrocytes) contain on their surface the antigens that provide unique, individual passport group of blood each person has. Distinguish 4 groups of blood: O (I) And (II), (III) and AB (IV). The group of blood does not change throughout life. RH (positive or negative) of each person is determined depending on the presence or absence of D antigen on the surface of red blood cells known as the Rh antigen (RHfactor). The presence of RHfactor (antigen) in the blood does not depend on the group of blood.
Analysis of blood for detection of antibodies to RHfactordo not require special additional training. In determining Rh (rhesusfactor(a) the patient's red cells are mixed with anti-Rh (rhesus) serum. If it results in agglutination, the blood is considered positive, if agglutination is not, then it follows that the erythrocytes of the patient is missing the RH factor and the man's blood is RH - negative.
For this study undertakes the analysis of blood from a vein, preferably 3 hours after eating, during the day. A fence of blood is carried out under sterile conditions, using disposable sterile material. Typically, the analysis of a blood on group of blood and RH factor is carried out in specialized immune hematological laboratories. After the study you will be given a conclusion about the presence or absence of the RH factorin your blood.