According to the rules that apply to Russian Railways, railway exchange documents in connection with a change in the date of departure is not provided. However, the existing ticket, you can pass, and the new purchase on the date that is needed.
Before heading out to take the ticket, you must assess the situation, which may develop travel documents for the desired date, and then take the available. Return tickets, in accordance with railway rules is made in the presence of the document proving the identity of the passenger who purchased a travel document.
Returning of railway tickets, which are for the other passenger must present a notarized power of attorney. Expenses on payment for services rendered commercial offices also will not return. Return to passengers money for the unused ticket shall be issued upon presentation of documents that certify his identity, the details of the documents must match information provided in the tickets.
The cost of the travel document includes the cost of seat reservation, ticket price, insurance and Commission fees. Under the ticket price means the cost of railway transportation, it in the travel document specified in the first line. The compartment cost includes the cost of bed, which is specified in the ticket form near the cost of the ticket.
For domestic rail transport when returning is not used railway travel documents the passenger kompensiruet: - full ticket price and the full cost of the reserved seat ticket when you return train tickets not later than 8 hours before departure of the train;- the full cost of the ticket and half the cost of the reserved place at the return of railway tickets in the period from 2 to 8 hours before departure of the train;- the full cost of the ticket when returning train tickets in less than 2 hours before departure of the train and not later than 12 hours after its departure.
Commissions and other (excluding insurance) charges made during the purchase of a ticket, the passenger will not be reimbursed. Also the passenger may be charged a fee for the refund.