Menarche – logically correct completion of puberty girls. Usually the first menstruation occurs at age 11-13 years. The menstrual cycle is a signal that informs about the complete preparing girls for the upcoming pregnancy.
The age of onset of menses and regularity directly influenced by:
- physical development and physique (obesity or underweight);
- hereditary predisposition;
- illness (traumatic brain injury, viral infections, STI);
- abuse of alcohol and Smoking, drug addiction;
- early start of sexual relations;
- endocrine and gynecological pathology;
- intensive physical activity;
- taking certain groups of medicines.
The first menstruation quite abundant, but maloprodolzhitelnoy (2-7 days). A full regular ovulatory cycles fully formed a year and a half after menarche. Lack of regular ovulation in adolescent girls is often associated with hormonal changes in the body and work in sexual and physical development. The most common reason for instability of the cycle is insufficient amount of progesterone is responsible for the timely rejection of the endometrium. If the cause of absence of ovulation or regularity of the cycle was to some disease or pathological condition, an experienced gynecologist through hormonal stimulation will be able to solve this problem.
The average menstrual cycle in adolescents lasts more than 40 days (for comparison, the cycle of sexually Mature women is 21-35 days). In the first few years after menarche the onset of menstruation long and often anovulatory. Every year fluctuations in the numbers decrease, getting closer to 28-38 days, and 19-20 years in the regularity of the menstrual cycle is completely stabiliziruemost.
There are a number of diseases and conditions that affect the establishment of the cycle in adolescents:
- chronic stress state;
- cancer pituitary, hypothalamus, adrenal glands, ovaries;
- endocrine pathology syndrome (Cushing's, thyroid disease);
- anorexia or bulimia;
- frequent excessive exercise.
To determine the physiological reasons for the lack of regularity of the cycle in adolescents or pathological changes doctors recommend every girl to control the time of menstruation, a profusion of discharge, presence of pain in the abdomen.