You will need
  • cutters;
  • - pliers;
  • - screwdriver;
  • tester;
  • - the bulb of the flashlight;
  • - insulating tape.
If installed on the car alarm will not go off when switched on or off, not responding to the FOB, check the last. Disassemble the key FOB on a clean, flat surface in order not to lose small parts. Unscrew with a screwdriver mounting screw on the lid and remove it.
Replace the battery located under the housing cover. Assemble the device and test it in work. If the reason was the battery, the alarm will again begin to function normally. The battery drain indicates a reduction of led brightness and decrease the range of the device in alarm management.
If the led is bright enough, but the alarm does not respond to pressing the buttons of the remote control device, check the unit car security alarm system (AOCS) installed in the vehicle.
Remove one of the terminals from the battery. After some time connect it again. This measure often allows you to return the alarm system to a working state. Click the button on the remote and check the operation of the system. If the alarm is triggered, reliably secure the terminal. If necessary, repeat the disable terminal again.
When there is no power in the alarm system, check the condition of the fuse and a faulty wire going from the positive terminal of the battery. If necessary, replace the wire and fuse.
Also check the work of other electrical devices present in the vehicle. If the power supply system has problem, consistently check the fuses and replace them with serviceable.
Use for control power supply tester or a light bulb from the flashlight, supplied with battery. Check for loose contacts in power circuits. If necessary, restore broken connections. Verify that after restoring the power alarm is working properly and "responds" to the keychain.