You will need
  • - alarm "Shere Khan"
  • - instructions for alarm system
  • keyring enable/disable engine start by timer
Please read the manual to your alarm "Shere Khan". The developer offers two types of startup in a desired time. Using the first mode, the engine starts each day in advance stipulated time. The second mode involves the engine starts every 2 hours if necessary to activate the system heating or cooling of the interior.
Use the transmitter buttons II+IV. Depression needs to be short and quick. Wait until the display will show the word “timer” – it is an indicator that the possibility to start the engine on timer is activated.
To program the timer for the daily startup of the engine at a certain hour, press button II+IV, and uncheck the word “timer”.
Enter the menu of programming of necessary functions with the combination II+III, hold for 2 seconds. Click II. The display shows the previously set time (range 24 hours).
With the help of the I button (pressing 0.5 seconds) to select the desired hour, button II – minutes. Use a combination of II+III to exit the programming mode the alarm functions. Hold the buttons for about 2 seconds. To finish programming, use II+IV, disable the “timer”.
When the engine start will occur on the timer, you will hear one signal of siren. Once activated the alarm, the led indicator will produce signals corresponding STEMS. On the display of the key FOB five times flashes of lights and an image of a padlock will appear the word “timer”. The unit will emit a single beep.
If necessary, automatic switching for heating/cooling the interior, use a single short press on the buttons II+IV. Any programming in this mode is not required. First engine start will occur in two hours.