You will need
  • - passport of the applicant;
  • - marriage certificate or its dissolution;
  • - birth certificates of children;
  • - documents proving that over five years you live in the same city or region.
Prepare all the documents for registration in advance. This eliminates tedious walking around the organizations when you will send over the other information that you have forgotten to include in the package. Application for a plot will have to be on behalf of one applicant. First you will need the applicant's passport – take a copy with each page. If the applicant is a registered marriage, you will need a passport and a spouse, prisovokupleniem copies of all pages.
Provide birth certificates of all children; they will also have to make copies. Depending on your family situation you will include in the documents a certificate of marriage or its termination, again with copies. If you are adoptive parents and children's birth certificates are not recorded as parents, prepare a document about the court decision on adoption, the same in relation to children under guardianship – act of the respective bodies appointing you as guardian or conservator.
In some cases you may require the certificate of a large family – with a copy, of course. Such testimony is not asking everywhere, so many of the families are not in a hurry to issue it. But it is better to attend to this – it is increasingly starting to ask when contacting any official agencies.
Prepare documents by which to prove that you are more than five years live in the city or region. These can be documents from the passport – certificate of family composition, where specified, from which date you are registered at a specific address. If you lack to five years the deadline specified in the card account, take help from the place of previous residence.