Advice 1: How to be recognized to be in need of housing

In order to be recognized as in need of housing, you need to get into the social category, which is supposed to free housing. In addition, it must be bad living conditions. All this must be documented.
How to be recognized to be in need of housing
Collect the necessary documents confirming that you are indeed in need of better housing conditions. The most important thing when registering - you must have registration in the city for at least 10 years residence in one place for at least 5 years. To the registration of the accepted tenants of privatized and non-privatized apartments. Registration (place) is carried out in the district Administration.
Determine the category by which you can be recognised needing improvement of living conditions. The government provides housing to the poor, disabled, families with disabled children, large families (more than three), war veterans, rehabilitated citizens after the repression. Relation to any category must be documented.
Count the number of meters for each family member. Sanitary norm admits 9 meters per person for apartments and private houses, 15 meters of the total area in communal apartments on the person. If you have a smaller residential squares at the person you pass on the area for recognition in need of housing. When calculating your square footage will allow for any residential property in the city or region.
Make sure that for the last 5 years you do not worsen their living conditions. Only in this case you recognize the need and put the town line. Poor housing conditions is the reduction meters per person - registration people who do not reside in the same dwelling. Moving to a remote area is also considered to poor housing conditions. The birth of a child, residence of the husband or wife who have no property in the territory city or area is not considered as a deliberate worsening of housing conditions.
Note that in every city there are laws that recognize citizens in need of better housing conditions.

Advice 2: How to register in need of housing

The government supports its needy citizens needing improvement of housing conditions, not having housing at all, living in old and dilapidated buildings, as well as victims of natural disasters. According to the Constitution everyone has the right to housing. To get in the queue as needing housing or better housing conditions, need to collect a large package of documents and submit them to the Department of housing policy at the local municipality.
How to register in need of housing
You will need
  • - a statement in the prescribed form;
  • - identity documents of all family members;
  • - income certificate;
  • help on the value of the property;
  • - certificate of registration for 10 years;
  • - the act of the interdepartmental Commission on the study of housing;
  • - other documents (disability, illness, etc.).
Need are considered low income. To prove that you belong to this category, collect information about the income of all family members. You will also need to take a reference on the value of your existing property, as of total family income that is this family. Under the category of the poor includes all citizens whose income is below $ 300 for a family of 4 people.
The second thing you need is to prove documentary that your living space is less than the accounting standards in the region. Or you don't have housing at all that housing in dilapidated or dangerous condition that you live in an apartment with chronically ill people who are dangerous to society of the disease. Or that your apartment has suffered from natural disasters, emergencies. For this you will need to act interagency housing Commission and all copies of acts over the 5 years.
Imagine the collected documents to the Department of housing policy in the local administration. Your documents should be considered within 1 month from the date of submission and will respond in writing.
Due to the fact that in 2005 the Housing code of the Russian Federation changes and additions in almost all categories of beneficiaries, who previously had the right to receive housing out of turn or in the first place, was removed. So even if you treated earlier to the list of beneficiaries, consisting of 49 points, now have to wait for the apartment in order of General priority, and it will last not less than 25-35 years.
In the list of beneficiaries left only two categories of citizens, persons with disabilities, the disease of which fall under the list specified by the Ministry of health and persons with socially dangerous chronic diseases.
You will not be put on a waiting list, despite the fact that the family is poor and needs to improve housing conditions, if it turns out that the living conditions you have worsened specifically, for example, sold a large housing and bought a small or prescribed by outsiders. Everyone else is usually not deny a registration of a place.
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