Advice 1: How to be recognized to be in need of housing

In order to be recognized as in need of housing, you need to get into the social category, which is supposed to free housing. In addition, it must be bad living conditions. All this must be documented.
How to be recognized to be in need of housing
Collect the necessary documents confirming that you are indeed in need of better housing conditions. The most important thing when registering - you must have registration in the city for at least 10 years residence in one place for at least 5 years. To the registration of the accepted tenants of privatized and non-privatized apartments. Registration (place) is carried out in the district Administration.
Determine the category by which you can be recognised needing improvement of living conditions. The government provides housing to the poor, disabled, families with disabled children, large families (more than three), war veterans, rehabilitated citizens after the repression. Relation to any category must be documented.
Count the number of meters for each family member. Sanitary norm admits 9 meters per person for apartments and private houses, 15 meters of the total area in communal apartments on the person. If you have a smaller residential squares at the person you pass on the area for recognition in need of housing. When calculating your square footage will allow for any residential property in the city or region.
Make sure that for the last 5 years you do not worsen their living conditions. Only in this case you recognize the need and put the town line. Poor housing conditions is the reduction meters per person - registration people who do not reside in the same dwelling. Moving to a remote area is also considered to poor housing conditions. The birth of a child, residence of the husband or wife who have no property in the territory city or area is not considered as a deliberate worsening of housing conditions.
Note that in every city there are laws that recognize citizens in need of better housing conditions.

Advice 2 : How to get on the waiting list as needing accommodation

On queue as in need of housing to put families who belong to the category of poor citizens, are homeless or live in apartments that do not meet regional social norms on one person. For the production in turn will need to prepare the documents and apply to the territorial Department of housing policy.
How to get on the waiting list as needing accommodation
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport, birth certificate;
  • - proof of income;
  • - a certificate of value of the property;
  • - certificate on family composition;
  • - the act of inspection of housing;
  • - marriage certificate (divorce certificate, single mothers).
To put you on the queue as in need of better housing conditions or no housing family, please contact the local office of Department of housing policy. You will have to document that your family belongs to the category of poor citizens and need to obtain social housing.
The statement you write in the Department, as it has a uniform shape and is filled on a special form, which you'll enjoy on the spot.
Get the place of work, study uniform certificate form 2-pit, which will confirm the level of income. Proof of income will be required to all members of the family specified in the certificate of family composition, you must also provide to the Department.
The income is calculated not only based on income, is considered the total family income and the cost of available valuable property. Get a valuation certificate of immovable and movable property, which has your family. If the total amount of income and assets will be below the social norms in each region is different, your family has a chance to get right into the queue for social housing.
The act of examination of housing members of the housing Commission will need to show for 5 years. If your family does not have housing, will receive a certificate confirming this fact.
In addition, you will need to present identification documents and photocopies, certificate of birth, certificate of marriage or divorce, the certificate confirming the status of a single mother, so as to improve their living conditions or to social housing have the right not only complete but also incomplete families.
After 30 days your family will provide written notice to put you in the queue or rejected. In case of refusal you have the right to appeal the decision of the Commission of the Department in the manner prescribed by law.
Failure may come, if you determine that your family does not fit under the category of the poor or you deliberately worsened their living conditions, changing the apartment into a smaller living space or writing her a stranger.

Advice 3 : How to register as in need of residential placement

The absence of own housing is a serious problem for many families in Russia. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy an apartment. To obtain social dwelling from the state, you need to know a number of nuances.
How to register as in need of residential placement
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - statement of the established sample;
  • - documents on family composition;
  • - extract from the unified state registry about the availability of real estate transactions;
  • - income for each family member;
  • - the documents confirming privileges;
  • - SNILS and INN;
  • the conclusion about the recognition of a needy family;
  • - excerpt from the tax;
  • - additional documents and references on request.
Under the new law, on account of the provision of social housing have the right to stand up only to citizens deemed needy and the poor. Please contact the local authorities. You must provide a complete list of documents that should be prepared for the recognition of families in need and poor.
Collect a full package of documents, make photocopies of originals in advance, to avoid wasting time when applying.
Apply for acceptance on the account (a sample can be obtained in the local administration). Please note that the application must be signed by all minors of the family.
Along with the application attach documents confirming the right to receive residential premises. You will be given a receipt, which will set out the full list of submitted documents with indication of the date of receipt of the application.
Within 30 working days you are required to answer about confirming or denying registration.
Large families (more than 3 children, under age), the disabled, war veterans are not required to provide proof of income.

The reasons for the refusal of registration may be an insufficient number of documents confirming the right to receive residential premises, the unreliability of the data provided, the availability of information on intended deterioration of living conditions at the place of residence.
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