Collect the necessary documents confirming that you are indeed in need of better housing conditions. The most important thing when registering - you must have registration in the city for at least 10 years residence in one place for at least 5 years. To the registration of the accepted tenants of privatized and non-privatized apartments. Registration (place) is carried out in the district Administration.
Determine the category by which you can be recognised needing improvement of living conditions. The government provides housing to the poor, disabled, families with disabled children, large families (more than three), war veterans, rehabilitated citizens after the repression. Relation to any category must be documented.
Count the number of meters for each family member. Sanitary norm admits 9 meters per person for apartments and private houses, 15 meters of the total area in communal apartments on the person. If you have a smaller residential squares at the person you pass on the area for recognition in need of housing. When calculating your square footage will allow for any residential property in the city or region.
Make sure that for the last 5 years you do not worsen their living conditions. Only in this case you recognize the need and put the town line. Poor housing conditions is the reduction meters per person - registration people who do not reside in the same dwelling. Moving to a remote area is also considered to poor housing conditions. The birth of a child, residence of the husband or wife who have no property in the territory city or area is not considered as a deliberate worsening of housing conditions.