Find out which benefits in providing large families with housing available in your area. This benefit applies not to the Federal and to the regional, so the procedure is to improve housing conditions may depend on place of residence. To obtain the necessary information, contact the social security authority of the population by place of residence.
Verify if you are eligible for housing. To do this, in your current place of residence for each person should account for less than 10 square metres (the norm for Moscow and Moscow region). For inhabitants of communal flats it rises up to 15 meters. Your family must be three or more minor children or children who study at the University full-time students until they reach the age of 23. Also your income should not exceed a certain ceiling, which is set by each region individually. For Moscow there is one more condition - you have to be registered in this city for at least ten years, and during the last five years not to change apartment for smaller in size.
Collect a package of documents for registration in the queue for housing. In addition to passports and birth certificates of all those living with you, provide a certificate of family composition from the passport and the document that gives your family the status of the poor. This paper is issued by the social security authorities. Also be prepared to present a social tenancy agreement or proof of ownership of the apartment where you live in the moment, if it belongs to you.
Pass the collected papers in the authority of municipal management, concerned with setting on the queue for obtaining housing. In Moscow's district Council. Write a statement on the site about what you need improvement of housing conditions.
Regularly check the status of your application and your place in the queue for an apartment. When you will have the opportunity to exercise your right to government assistance, you will be given a certificate which you can spend on the purchase of housing on the primary or secondary market.