You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - the documents confirming privileges.
To apply to the district administration, if you want to land. Please show your passport.
You will be asked to participate in the auction, in which you can win a tender for obtaining land plot out of turn. But participation in the auction means you make 10% of the original cost stated in the auction. During the auction the price of land can reach the limit straps and to pay it is necessary only to obtain the right to build on land and to pay rent the entire construction period. Not everyone can pay that kind of cash, so the provision of land in the order has not been canceled.
If you have any benefits on a free or extraordinary obtaining a land plot, presenting documentary evidence. At an extraordinary priority and the obtaining of land plots have the right of a large family, soldiers who have served in the region, land distribution more than 10 years, participants of the great Patriotic war and persons equated to them, officials of the VD.
Regardless of whether you belong to the category of beneficiaries or not, the decision on granting the land plot is taken by the local municipality. Distribution out of turn or the first turn depends on the availability of land. So you can put on favorable turn, which can take several years.
Provided land can arrange to rent or to immediately transfer the ownership. If you signed a lease for a term exceeding one year, register it in PPRC.
If the administration is prepared to immediately transfer land to the property, receive a decision, conduct a survey, get the cadastral extract and register the right of ownership in PPRC.