Advice 1: What are the different types of twine

There are two main types of twine is longitudinal and transverse. However, the most trained athletes can demonstrate to the Royal twine, which requires not only flexibility, but also static forces.
Royal twine
The splits – the dream of many teenagers and adults involved in sports. Unfortunately, not all have the perseverance to realize his dream in life. Others lack flexibility. According to the fitness instructors and Pilates stretches you can take at any age. Main thing is to follow a training regime and to correctly perform the exercises.


Splits is the simplest available. He means the position on the floor when one leg is stretched forward and the other back. While side splits can be on the right and left leg. If you draw an imaginary line from the heel of one foot to the other, you get video. When such twine should be well stretched gluteal muscle, hamstring and popliteal tendon. Almost all who practice martial arts, can take splits, as attacks involves raising the feet above the head.

Side splits

As practice shows, if a person sits on the side splits, then it will not be easy for the splits lengthwise. Side splits are often shown in his films of famous Hollywood actor Jean Claude van Damme. Legs splayed, and the body may fall down or be in a straight position.

Cross the twine need to have elastic groin muscles, hamstring and buttocks. In addition, flexible hamstrings take the load off with a groin muscle which is very important. When you cross the twine worked hip joints. This is useful for people of all ages.

Royal twine

If you refer to the same van Damme, who in his 52 years has demonstrated excellent stretching during the filming of a commercial for the concern "Volvo", that it was he who made popular the Royal twine.

This implies splits side splits, but on two pillars, which are the feet.

The rest of the body remains of the canopy. To sit on the Royal twine, we need not only stretch muscle and Flex ligaments. Need muscular static strength. This is the aerobatics that require the athlete the ability to feel your body.

To do the splits helps a special diet and yogic breathing, when inhale and exhale are produced via the larynx. Such breath warms up the internal organs and muscles.

People aged 20 to 45 years old can sit in splits for two months without damaging muscles.

Advice 2: What are dreams

Dreams are very different: modest and global, serious and funny, great and prosaic. But every dream has a right to exist, because it is your dream, your plans, your expectations. And how much you want to bring them, is very important, as in General depends on your self-improvement. And without it people would have remained boring subjects living without a purpose in life.
What are dreams

It is the dream makes to move humanity forward: to develop a new politics and Economics, to build and create, break and destroy, to move into the future with specific goals, without which life on Earth would be, in principle, not needed. Children's dreams is only the beginning in which the world is perceived as a constructor for any actions of any of the undertakings and achievements. In older age, ideas become more vital, more mundane, more rational. But sometimes you want to throw off the mask of seriousness and dive into the world of desires, where everything is possible and achievable, where achieving results is the main occupation, and personal achievement always held in high esteem.

Sometimes our visiting ideas you can implement small force and cost, sometimes to their implementation's monotonous and hard work. And the more energy invested in the idea, the dearer it becomes to humans, the more he to her "strong liking". And with this, one simply needs support in all his endeavors, even this simple wish of good luck – that means a lot, believe me! At best you will gain friends and associates who will work with you side-by-side, helping to overcome difficulties, to teach, to learn and to consult. Man is not a separate unit, and self-development cannot be achieved without considering how to treat others.

Though sometimes the ideas seem meaningless in the global scale, but they are only steps in the development of the self, stages of a long road to become famous or famous. And at the end of the realization and implementation of each idea to its full perfection, each will find a just reward, above all to yourself – a moment of glory worth striving for, always and everywhere, whatever business you do, what problems not researched whatever he was fond of in life.

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