Before the training flexibility you should have a good warm up your muscles. Turn in warm-up exercises on rotation at the hip and ankle joints, on bending and straightening the legs at the knees. Effective warm-up exercises on a treadmill and a stationary bike. Try to train in a warm room. Dress in stretchy pants and a trowel, fully cover the body. So you will avoid cooling of the muscles during stretches.
Train at least three times a week for 30 minutes. If you want to sit in side splits quickly – do at least five times a week. The first time after class stretching starts to hurt the muscles, it is better to train 1-2 day, until the pain. After the adaptation of the muscles to the load you can move on to daily activities.
Classes combine stretching with moderate strength training. During the violent exertion of the muscles contract and relax consistently, develops intermuscular coordination. Do forward lunges with dumbbells in hand, squat with light weight, the leg swings forward and sideways with the goods. Pump calf muscles, thighs and buttocks in the gym. Stretching more effective to do after weight training.
During the execution of the stretching exercises try to relax your muscles. Tense muscle you will not be able to stretch. Do a tension for 10-15 seconds on the exhale, the inhale – return to original position. Keep your backs straight. If there is a strong pain – loosen the tension of the ligaments. To reach it is necessary smoothly, without sharp jerks.
Include the three basic stretching exercises that will help you to sit on the side splits:
- Sit on the floor, the maximum legs spread to the sides. Put your hands up, straighten your back and make five smooth tilts forward with the return of the I. p. Then lower your arms down and reach them as far as you can for 10-20 seconds. Take a short break and repeat 3-5 times. Try to reach for the floor not only hands, but also chest, stomach. Ideally, you should lie flat on the trunk floor. Drag also to the right and left foot.
- I. p. – standing, feet wider than shoulders. Grasp your elbows with your hands and reach down with your forearms. When it reaches the floor, reduce the distance between the legs and repeat the exercise.
- I. p. – standing, feet wider than shoulders, palms resting on the floor, fingers facing forward, back straight, chin raised. Gradually raise the legs to the side, trying to reduce distance to the floor. Will feel unbearable pain – sit down, relax. Do 3-5 times. This exercise to perform better on slippery surfaces – linoleum, parquet.