In order to properly execute a back flick, you need to work out two movements – the jump back with a support on hands, and then jump with hands on legs. Start the practice run common bridge from a standing position.
First, perform the bridge with insurance, and then do it yourself, trying to fall back, then rise to the starting position sharp and biting motion. Put on the floor gymnastic mats to cushion the blow and the train sharply to shake hands and torso back, landing on his back after the jump.
Also learn to jump up and back – if you are unable to do this, ask your assistant to support you under the waist. During training jumps always make zahlest hands ago.
Then work a handstand – you must keep the balance and body balance, and handstand jump to his feet, making the swing legs. This Mach should be fast and powerful - then jump with your hands on your legs will spectacular.
Work on honing technique place trainer, but once you begin to get a revolution through the head, and then a coup with hands on legs, try to execute the coup without support. For exercise, you can perform a coup with low support, which are your hands.
Repeat the exercise multiple times to avoid common mistakes – for example, too slow and sluggish Maha legs, which makes it impossible for powerful and active revolution. Max always perform at a high trajectory, place the hands closer to the support legs.