The main three types of fishing rods: float, to fly-fishing and spinning. They all have their peculiarities of structure and mounting equipment. Athletes use special gear, which for the average fisherman will not work: the plug of the rod.

About float fishing rods

Float fishing rods – the simplest type of fishing gear. It is easy to make yourself. For this you will need the following items: the fishing rod, fishing line, bobber, sinker, hook, leash. Choosing the tackle of this type, you need to first pay attention to the length of the rod and its structure. It can be made of multiple prefabricated or retractable parts, as well as to be monolithic.

Bulk fishing rod called the plug-in, retractable telescopic. Any of them can be equipped by throughput rings that help hold the line in the desired position. The floats can have different shapes: pear-shaped, conical, cylindrical. They all have their idiosyncrasies when biting. An important feature of the float rod test, that is, the maximum weight of the baits and equipment that it can withstand.

Of fly fishing rods

This fishing tackle is used to catch fish, which feeds on insects fallen on the water surface. For fly fishing rods do not need a sinker and a float. For successful catching it is sufficient to impose on the hook artificial lure in the form of an insect.

There are two types of rigging for fly fishing rods, providing cast such a light bait: blanking and flickering. They differ only by the presence or absence of the coil. For deaf fly fishing rod is not required. The rod is Dina (up to 5 m) and flexibility. At the end of the line, which should be much longer than the rod, attach the undergrowth and a hook with bait.

Fly fishing rod with running far udobnee in operation. The rod it, as a rule, 2-3-knee, requires reel, fishing line, undergrowth, and leash hook. As bait traditionally used fly. This type of rod enables casts to a distance of 30 m.

About the spinning

Spinning rods are the most popular fishing rods. Their device is very different from the float and fly. For the mandatory spinning reel, fishing line and leash, lure or other artificial bait on the end of which is attached to the hook. For convenience, coverage of all the spinning rods feature a handle with a length of 30-70 cm and is made of a material having non-slip surface: plastic, cork, wood. To when playing the spinning was easier to hold, you need to choose one that at the end of the handle is the buffer.