Types of stretching there are only five. Active stretching is self-stretching. During passive stretching of the muscle stretches the human partner. Dynamic stretching is carried out first to a light tension, and then flows smoothly into another move. Ballistic stretching is performed with a springy action and jerks. Finally, static stretching involves exercises that require little physical activity. The way, that static stretching is recommended by doctors as the most useful and effective.
How to do the splits in one day
Before any exercise you must first warm up. Jumps and leg swings, riding a bike is your muscles will warm up and allow you to begin classes.
Muscles in the time stretching should be relaxed. This is especially true of the working muscles.
Back posture must be smooth. Even clotting up, try the back to straighten. In sharbino position your ligaments and muscles lose elasticity and flexibility.
You should breathe quietly and smoothly. Inhale nose, exhale through your mouth.
Stretching exercise regularly. Only then the effect will be maximum. And do not try to stretch through can not - necessarily injure yourself. And now a few exercises that stretches your muscles and helps you to do the splits.
Follow tilt forward, back, hold right, and try to get to the floor.
How to do the splits in one day
Put one foot slightly in front, bent at the knee. And the second leg should be smooth. Put one hand under the bent leg. Try to sit as low as possible in this position. While rear leg should remain flat.
For stretching calf muscles stand up to the standing position, rest against the wall and take one leg lunging forward. The heel is located behind his feet press to the floor, keeping leg straight.
How to do the splits in one day
Sit on the floor, spread your legs apart as wide as possible. The back should be straight. Both hands grip the socks and drag chest to the floor.
Sitting on the floor spread your legs a bit more. Join hands together and start moving them forward. Keep the back straight. In the end, you need to lie on the floor with his chest.
How to do the splits in one day
Useful tips:
Remember that engaging in regular stretching, you will achieve a straightening of posture, and get rid of joint pain. In addition, you will improve the flexibility and experience complete freedom of movement.
How to do the splits in one day