Training should be conducted competently. To do this, each day do with child exercises to stretch the muscles. Just remember: in any case you should not stretch cold muscles. First always do a warm-up for 3-5 minutes. Suited squats, walking, duck walk, leg swings, light jumping on toes and running in place.
Then do stretching exercises. Stretching for length of twine running from the counter on his knees. Let the child pull alternately one and then the other foot forward, trying as low as possible to bring the pelvis to the floor. You also need to keep the leg stretched forward, was necessarily rectified in the knee. Because if baby gets used to bend, re-train then it will be very difficult.
For the transverse stretching of the twine. Spread your legs out to the sides as far as possible, arms stretched forward – this is starting position. Explain to your child that he needs to carry the weight of the body first on hands, then on the twine. During such rotation, gradually bend arms, thus reducing the gap from the floor. For those who are already well warmed up and stretched out, there's another great exercise. It is called creep. Sitting on the floor, it is necessary to push the legs out to the sides, then resting on her arms and without moving the legs, as if to crawl in the prone position on your stomach. Over time, the exercise is complicated by the fact that crawl need to be, almost without lifting your pelvis off the floor.
To maximum from to stretch not all the time. After stretching the alternate implementation of the right longitudinal-transverse and left splits. The following exercise "butterfly" (or "frog"). Let your child sit, put the feet and pull them as close to your groin, trying to get knees to the floor. Next you need to begin to move the knees up and down as if waving in wings.
The next stretch is the wall. The child becomes to her back, a hand grabs the bar above him. Slowly lift one leg the baby up. The knee of the second leg on which it stands, gently lock your knees, in order not to give the kid's foot the ability to bend. The child's leg raise smoothly up and down until a slight feeling of pain, to muscle stretching. Then in the next lesson, already stretching a little bit better and stronger.