The volume

The first thing to consider when writing a thesis, is its volume. Necessary or desirable number of pages has different meanings in different universities and even within one University in different specialties. Most often, the workload is not less than sixty pages. There is also a high threshold, which also is clarified. It should be borne in mind that the part "Appendix" is not included in the total amount of work that is not counted in the page.

Margins, fonts, spacing

Next you need to pay attention to the margins and the font size and line spacing. Top, left and right fields have a size of two centimeters, while the bottom two and a half. The font must have a title in Times New Roman and have a size of 14 points for body text and subheadings. The font size of the headers is 15 points. The headings in bold. Spacing also varies depending on place of study. As a rule, it is one and a half.

Structure of the thesis

Compulsory parts of the qualification work are the contents, introduction, two main chapters, conclusion and list of references. In this case, speaks only of two chapters, because every thesis must have a theoretical and practical part, which is two chapters. In fact, these two parts can be divided into arbitrarily large number of heads.


The page numbering of the thesis is not so obvious. First, the number pages you need at the bottom center. Secondly, the numbering starts from the title page, but the title page number is not assigned. Rooms are not put on pages with content and list of references. Thirdly, if the thesis has an Appendix that follows the bibliography, application pages should be numbered given the fact that the page with the list of literature have their own room, even though he is not assigned. Rooms all villages should be given in the content.


The bibliography follows the conclusion. Used literature is made in the following way. First on the list should be Russian sources, arranged in alphabetical order of author's name, and if used works by one author, then alphabetically the names of the source. If you have used periodicals should mention the years of publication, as well as the intervals of the pages of this article. All used sources should be referenced in the text of the work itself. References are made in square brackets, inside which is placed the number of references in the list.