First, select the theme of the thesis. If you are studying at the day Department of the University, try to pick a topic that is close to you and interesting in which you have expertise. If you work and learn at the same time, choose the topic of the diploma in relation to your organization closer to what you specifically do. In this case, you will be much easier to gather all the necessary information for the study.
Agree the chosen topic with the supervisor and, if necessary, make adjustments. Contact with the head of the graduation project is very important. Share with him by phone, put in the time for consultation. Without a good reason, do not skip appointments. Many leaders are going to meet students, communicating via e-mail. This is especially convenient for non-resident part–time students. Try to produce a scientific leader a good impression, to establish good relations and fruitful cooperation that he provided you with the necessary support and guided on the right path.
Make a plan of the thesis. This is a very important point, and here you are obliged to assist the scientific Director. Discuss with him the approximate contents of each section. Generally, the thesis consists of introduction, theoretical and practical parts, conclusion, list of used sources and applications. Depending on the requirements of each particular institution thesis should be in the 60-100 pages of typed text.
In the introduction explain the relevance and practical significance of the topic of the thesis; briefly define the object, subject, goal and objectives of the study; consider the methods of its implementation; expand the content of the paper, its structure. The introduction is usually written after the main written part of the diploma.
In the theoretical part describe and analyze the General concepts of the topic of the thesis. The theoretical part is a review of all laws and approaches to the study of your chosen topics. Here we will present own proposals for solving the problem posed in the work, could you outline the methodology for future research.
Pay special attention to the practical part of the thesis. Describe in detail all the details of the study, provide the necessary calculations, charts and graphs. Necessarily used to justify research methods. Describe the points of all the results.
In the conclusion summarize the work done, draw conclusions, clearly state your specific suggestions for improving the situation, solving problems and improving the whole process. Very appreciated innovation – innovative approach in the solution described in the thesis work problems.
Most importantly, do not wait for last moment preparation process of the thesis, not to create unnecessary problems themselves before the defense. Force yourself to work on a diploma 2-3 hours daily as soon as confirm with the supervisor the research topic and make a plan. Then you will be able to write truly high-quality work, which will be satisfied by all members of the certification Commission.