You will need
  • computer;
  • - visual materials for the thesis;
Applications execute at the end of the diploma, after the list of references. Usually recommend not hemming them to work, but to apply to the diploma in a separate folder. If you modify the apps to the text of the thesis, is to separate them from the main part of a clean sheet.
The numbering of the annexes has to be provided in the upper right corner of the page. If the application consists of two sheets, the second sheet write "the End.". If the application consists of three sheets or more, the second and the subsequent write to the Continuation of the application ...", and the last – "the end of the application ...".
If within a single app is a few drawings or tables, they should also be numbered. Each illustration is numbered separately.
The application name needs to be associated with the text of the thesis. Put the text link to the appropriate application. A reference is made in the form of "Cm. app., Fig. ..." .
The application format so that the reader would understand everything and avoid any additional questions. Clearly explain the symbols found in tables, charts and figures.
Do not forget to specify applications in the table of contents of the diploma. Depending on the requirements of the University, you will need to either supply continuous numbering of pages or create your own for applications. If applications are stored.