First of all, please note that any thesis shall be in accordance with the requirements of state standard (GOST). This means that the design should not only include all the necessary information in an appropriate form, but does not contain anything extra. So don't use when printing the title page no additional frames, underscores, vignettes, even if you think that they will greatly embellish your work.
The title page of the thesis should be typed in Word format, font TimeNewRoman 14 point type with line spacing of 1.5. Although the page numbering in thesis work begins with the first title page, page number on it is not put.
To print a title page create a separate file in Word format. Position the cursor on the first line at the top of the worksheet, and enter the full official name of the Department or Ministry relates to your institution. If you are not sure of the correct wording, please specify it in the Dean's office or your Department. Align the name of the Department is centered on the page.
Step back for a few empty rows down and so at the center write the full name of your faculty and, the line below, the name of the Department. Fight off some more blank lines and centered on the page without quotation marks, type the phrase "Thesis". Two lines below, write the title of the work. Please note that the title of the degree project is written without quotation marks and without the word "subject". Keep in mind that the title page must not contain hyphenation, and abbreviations in words. Therefore, if the title is long enough, take care of its beautiful location in the center of the page.
Stand a few rows down and on the right side of the sheet (right-aligned) write information about yourself as artist and your research supervisor. Information about the artist includes full name, professional title, group code. Information on the research supervisor to include his full name, academic degrees in abbreviated form and academic status. For example, p. P. Ivanov, doctor of physico-M. N., Professor (P. P. Ivanov, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor).
At the bottom of the sheet in the center write the name of the city where the institution is, and the line below the year of the thesis defense. City and year indicated without the letter "G". For Example, "Moscow 2012".