You will need
  • Computer, paper, pen, training materials, manuals, books, magazines.
Select a thesis topic from a list provided by the Department. Choosing a theme, pay close attention to your profession and you personally clear directions. Do not expect that it will be possible to download the thesis from online universities check all papers for plagiarism.
In keeping with the theme, begin a study of the literary sources, for this purpose go to the library. Study the textbooks, manuals, monographs, review periodicals. Choose something that fits your topic, write out the names of books and page numbers from which you use the material. After synthesis and review of the literature, make a plan for your thesis, agree with the head of your graduation project.
Start to write the work in accordance with the points of the plan. In the introduction indicate the aim of the thesis, the tasks were solved in the process of writing and the content of the work. In conclusion, make the main findings of the thesis. Complete list of the used literature and applications.