In the process of graduation the student must not only demonstrate their knowledge on the subject, but the ability to defend their point of view in the scientific discussion. This means that the graduate student must present their work face and show their strengths and convince the attestation Commission of the correctness.
Often at this stage, the graduates are confronted with purely psychological challenges: fear of public speaking, inability to speak clearly and clearly articulate their thoughts, inability to gather at the crucial moment. If you suffer any of these problems, the performance of the protection you need to prepare carefully.
A performance of a graduate student according to the regulations usually have 10-15 minutes and in that short time you have to catch the attention of the Commission the essence of their work and main findings. So my statement it is advisable to write in advance and print on the printer with the printed text to read is much easier than cursive. However, one should not read a prepared speech from a sheet – this produces a painful impression of uncertainty Rapporteur in his abilities. It is better to speak in their own words, occasionally looking at the text.
To precisely meet the regulations, prepared speech is to rehearse aloud at home, timing with. And if you feel you go beyond 15 minutes, the text should be shortened. Even if you think that in such a short time is impossible to fully Express all your ideas, do not give in. If members of the Commission something seems unclear, they will ask more questions.
After a speech you will have to answer additional questions of the opponent and members of the Commission. First of all do not panic, listen carefully to each question, think about it and then respond. Try to avoid haste in the estimates and statements that you will protect yourself from random nonsense and misunderstandings.
After the end of his speech do not forget to thank my research supervisor, opponent and members of the Commission for the work and attention. It always makes a good impression and allows the student to gain extra points in the eyes of the examiners.