Advice 1: How to make links to the thesis

When writing the thesis it is necessary not only to create an appropriate level and theme of the text, but also the right to execute him. For scientific and student's works there is a certain standard the parts of the text, including references.
How to make links to the thesis
Decide how you want to organize a system of footnotes in the text. They can be placed at the bottom of the page or at the end of the text, after the conclusion. The possible variations with the numbering. It can be through, that is the same for the whole text, or to begin anew after each Chapter. Any of these options is allowed by design standards.
For the book mentioned in the text the first time, use the full format description. In this case, first comes the author's name and then his initials. This is followed by the full title of the book, listed beneath the cover. After a point you have to write the city of publication. The name need to write completely with the exception of some common abbreviations: M. - Moscow, SPb. - Sankt-Peterburg, Leningrad - Leningrad. Followed by year of publication and page number or pages, the text from which you quote. Thus, the footnote should appear as: Ivanov, A. A. History of Russia in XIX century. M., 1959. P. 5-6.
In the absence of the books of one author, for example, if a collection, begin the footnote with the title of the study. The compiler and editors, if specified, separated by a slash after the title. An example of such a description: a General biology / under the editorship of A. A. Petrov and S. S. Sidorov. M., 1980. P. 56.
If you give a few in a row zutat from the same edition, replace the second and subsequent footnotes of the author and the title with the words "There". Example: ibid. P. 76.
Links to articles from magazines make with the indication of the periodical title and issue number. This information is given through the slash after the title of the article. In this case, the footnote is as follows - Petrova I. I. problems of chronology of Ancient Rus / Questions of history, Moscow, 1999, №2. P. 7-8.
When referencing literature in a foreign language, write the author's name in full, not initials. Also, if the title of the book is given in any language, presumably unknown to the reader, for example, in Japanese, the title and author's name in parentheses to translate.
When making references to electronic resources - databases and websites - focus on standards in your school. Currently, the unified rules in the citation of these sources is not, and those that exist are regularly reviewed. Therefore it is best to seek advice from their supervisor.

Advice 2: How to make a thesis

Almost everyone, regardless of gender and nationality, sooner or later faces the necessity of writing the thesis. Themes, directions, specifics of certificates may vary from economy to linguistics, from physics to psychology. But the basic requirements for the design thesis is unchanged, and approved by the state standards.
How to make a thesis
Settings pages. Standard for all scientific work: left margin 35 mm, right - 10 mm, bottom and top - 20. Each new paragraph (red line) is 12.5 mm.
The font and spacing. The thesis uses the Times New Roman font size 14. Line spacing sesquialteral.

Permitted this to underscore and bold the semantic parts of the work. The Chapter titles are printed in capital letters, enable CAPS LOCK), and paragraphs – the usual.
Each Chapter is printed on a new page, while the consecutive paragraphs are double spaced.
Reduction. The thesis is unacceptable even common abbreviations: etc., etc., i.e. In such cases the words you need to write the whole thing.
After the theoretical part of the diploma obligatory Chapter in a separate paragraph on a separate page. The same applies to the conclusions of the empirical part of the work. Additionally, you must write the conclusion, which spells out the vision of issues and possible ways of its study.
The reference list should be more complete and include bibliographic information for all sources used: books, journals, monographs.
Applications submitted drawings, graphs, tables, summary data, initial results, techniques – all important, but too cumbersome for the text of the diploma. In the upper right corner of each application is marked "Application 1" and then they are numbered in order.
How to make a thesis

Advice 3: What distinguishes a thesis from a thesis project?

Diploma from higher educational institution is not just a document. In fact, this whole ordeal for the student. Some specialties require training not only in the written analysis, but the practical execution is described in the paper. However, not always obvious to students difference between thesis and thesis project.
What distinguishes a thesis from a thesis project?
The claim that the University or Institute they do not teach a profession, but only help to find a way, a student may learn to extract and process information, reflected in the diploma could not be better and fuller.

The aim of the diploma is the ultimate test of knowledge gained by a student during the years of study at the University. Therefore, it includes the ability to show how the student has mastered the skills of analysts studying books in the library and at home, learned how to use the information for their own purposes, and how the student applies their knowledge in practice.

Sometimes you need additional testing, which is called the diploma project, to make the work more complete and interesting. To write such a rather complex matter. After all, it must vary significantly from the normal course or research work.


Thesis is a specific research on a particular subject. Moreover, the subject a student chooses independently within the specialty for which he is trained. On the basis of the study made certain conclusions.

A thesis is often described as a slice of the knowledge that was received by the student during his training. After all, the quality of the diploma means that the student has carefully studied the subject, read many different sources on it and made an opinion that can be backed up by practical experience. For example, in such professions as journalism, pedagogy etc.

In the execution of the thesis it is important to be able to separate the main information from the secondary and to decipher it. Moreover, his opinion is necessary also to defend the protection of the diploma.

In its structure, the thesis usually has a theoretical and practical part. Practical is based on the student's knowledge obtained empirically, for example, by passing a mandatory practice in the company.

Thesis project

Essentially the thesis project is also a slice of student knowledge during 5 years of study. However, it is more difficult to accomplish work. Experts say that a thesis project uses the basis of calculation of not only the basic information or data by which you can issue all but requires its own research student to be able empiricheskim way to confirm the data, draw conclusions, identify deficiencies, etc.

There are a number of professions, where students begin to gain practical experience almost from the first courses of the University. Of course, the value of theses built on such experience much higher theoretical calculations.

As practice shows, students of such studies are difficult. Most often it is due to the fact that admitted at the beginning of the calculation error leads to the disruption of the entire work as a whole. The result is you have to redo all analyst work.

Typically thesis projects – a lot of students of technical specialties, e.g., engineers, aircraft designers, etc. Thesis project involves the own contribution of the student in science.

It is worth considering that the themes work in this situation sets the scientific Director. But this does not mean that students cannot Express their preferences. If the student is still on what exactly the writing project, the teacher gives him the name himself, based on his own experience or part of my dissertation.

Advice 4: How to make a thesis

Making a thesis is sometimes the most difficult step in writing the final qualifying work. There are rules for each item of registration, which must be strictly adhered to.
How to make a thesis

The volume

The first thing to consider when writing a thesis, is its volume. Necessary or desirable number of pages has different meanings in different universities and even within one University in different specialties. Most often, the workload is not less than sixty pages. There is also a high threshold, which also is clarified. It should be borne in mind that the part "Appendix" is not included in the total amount of work that is not counted in the page.

Margins, fonts, spacing

Next you need to pay attention to the margins and the font size and line spacing. Top, left and right fields have a size of two centimeters, while the bottom two and a half. The font must have a title in Times New Roman and have a size of 14 points for body text and subheadings. The font size of the headers is 15 points. The headings in bold. Spacing also varies depending on place of study. As a rule, it is one and a half.

Structure of the thesis

Compulsory parts of the qualification work are the contents, introduction, two main chapters, conclusion and list of references. In this case, speaks only of two chapters, because every thesis must have a theoretical and practical part, which is two chapters. In fact, these two parts can be divided into arbitrarily large number of heads.


The page numbering of the thesis is not so obvious. First, the number pages you need at the bottom center. Secondly, the numbering starts from the title page, but the title page number is not assigned. Rooms are not put on pages with content and list of references. Thirdly, if the thesis has an Appendix that follows the bibliography, application pages should be numbered given the fact that the page with the list of literature have their own room, even though he is not assigned. Rooms all villages should be given in the content.


The bibliography follows the conclusion. Used literature is made in the following way. First on the list should be Russian sources, arranged in alphabetical order of author's name, and if used works by one author, then alphabetically the names of the source. If you have used periodicals should mention the years of publication, as well as the intervals of the pages of this article. All used sources should be referenced in the text of the work itself. References are made in square brackets, inside which is placed the number of references in the list.

Advice 5: How to make title page of the thesis

Thesis is the result of the activities of the student for the entire period of study. It should reflect all the acquired knowledge and skills and, accordingly, its right to receive a specialist. Therefore, preparation and execution of the graduation project requires special attention. First of all it concerns the first cover sheet, since he is the "face" of the entire work.
How to make title page of the thesis
First of all, please note that any thesis shall be in accordance with the requirements of state standard (GOST). This means that the design should not only include all the necessary information in an appropriate form, but does not contain anything extra. So don't use when printing the title page no additional frames, underscores, vignettes, even if you think that they will greatly embellish your work.
The title page of the thesis should be typed in Word format, font TimeNewRoman 14 point type with line spacing of 1.5. Although the page numbering in thesis work begins with the first title page, page number on it is not put.
To print a title page create a separate file in Word format. Position the cursor on the first line at the top of the worksheet, and enter the full official name of the Department or Ministry relates to your institution. If you are not sure of the correct wording, please specify it in the Dean's office or your Department. Align the name of the Department is centered on the page.
Step back for a few empty rows down and so at the center write the full name of your faculty and, the line below, the name of the Department. Fight off some more blank lines and centered on the page without quotation marks, type the phrase "Thesis". Two lines below, write the title of the work. Please note that the title of the degree project is written without quotation marks and without the word "subject". Keep in mind that the title page must not contain hyphenation, and abbreviations in words. Therefore, if the title is long enough, take care of its beautiful location in the center of the page.
Stand a few rows down and on the right side of the sheet (right-aligned) write information about yourself as artist and your research supervisor. Information about the artist includes full name, professional title, group code. Information on the research supervisor to include his full name, academic degrees in abbreviated form and academic status. For example, p. P. Ivanov, doctor of physico-M. N., Professor (P. P. Ivanov, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor).
At the bottom of the sheet in the center write the name of the city where the institution is, and the line below the year of the thesis defense. City and year indicated without the letter "G". For Example, "Moscow 2012".
Useful advice
In the design work don't forget that all thesis projects shall be in bound hard copy form, so to make before the defense any changes you will not be able. Make sure before taking it to a print shop to design work and especially the cover page was absolutely correct. Check once again all the little things.
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