When writing a thesis you will definitely encounter the necessity to study the theory of those processes, phenomena and technologies that will be presented in the practical part of the diploma. Working with scientific information and literature, whether from the text to make reference to it. Get a piece of paper or create a computer file in text format, where each literary or informational source, which you neglected to mention in the text of the thesis will be assigned a unique number, which will be indicated in the text as a link.
Title the first page of a worksheet or filethe List of used literature", entry should be numbered and arranged in ascending order. Record the output of each literary or informational source correctly, then do not waste time tinkering with.
If the source is a monograph written by a single author, then after the serial number, write his name, and initials, separated by a comma, title of scientific work without the quotes. Then put a dot and a dash, followed by specify the city where this work published, put a colon and write the name of the publisher, year of publication and number of pages.
If there are several authors, but no more than three, first surname and the initials of the first, then the title of the work, after which put the sign "/" and list the names and initials of all authors. The rest of the information is specified in the same way as in the first case. If the number of authors is greater than three, then first enter the name of the source, and the sponsors list, placing it after the " / " character. In the case of co-authors if more than five, it is allowed to specify only the name and initials of the first, and then put "etc.".
If your source is an article in any magazine, its description will consist of two parts. In the first surname and initials of the author and the title of the article, and then, after the sign "//" specify name of source, year and month of publication, pages on which the article is printed.
If the link to the conference materials, first write the author's name, article title, after the colon, enter the name of the collection and name of conference, city, publisher, year, number of pages.