As in different casteth, "Vkontakte" there are several ways to do something nice for a loved one. It concerns the gifts, which are usually paid, but there are ways that help to avoid the fate of parting with a few hundred hard-earned rubles.

Free gifts

Free cheese is full of many traps, and Facebook is hardly an exception. Of course, the free gift is the reality, but only if the user will be able to get more than 100% reputation. Only then can click on the link under the avatar of a friend and to make it enjoyable.

However, to obtain such a high rating of friends or acquaintances to vote for a certain person in the social network. Thus to earn grades, which offer certain privileges and allow you to give gifts for free.

However, there is one feature. The vote is also deemed to be paid, but because it seems sometimes the more simple option is to ask a friend to give something to get someone to spend money on voting.

The normal option to give a gift

The most common way to make nice is a choice under the avatar on the "Send gift". After clicking on the link to see how many votes you will have to spend in a particular case. Voice is a kind of universal means of payment within the system, which can be purchased for real money.

There are several ways. The easiest phone SMS. Usually in the place of payment is specified, which number should be sent a reference number in order to get votes. Each of these is assessed in its amount, but because care when you pay will not be superfluous.

Also, it is easy to use as a payment media, virtual money is like "VENOM" or Webmoney, credit card Visa or Master, as well as other methods. The developers "Vkontakte" has made sufficient efforts to provide the most convenient way to part with their money.

It can even be a payment terminal, among which the greatest popularity QIWI, standing in large cities on almost every corner. The convenience is that you can pay the required amount of real money. And then, you can convert the received voice into one or another gift.

And again. The gift can be personal, visible to everyone or anonymous. This allows you to present a present so that no one guessed the significance of the gift.