If you want to comment on a picture of his friend, log into a social network using an authorization username and password you provided during registration. In the upper left corner of the opened page you will see a menu containing the sections "My messages", "My page", "My photos" "My music", "My friends", "My videos "My groups", "Documents", "Applications" and "My settings". Clicking on the "My friends", you can see the list of users added to the friends list. Select a person, the page which you want to view and click its name with the left mouse button.
Now, before you open a window with information about your friends. Click on the main picture, located in the center of the page. If you want to leave a comment to this image click with the left mouse button on a special field that is called "Your comment". Enter the message text and click "Send".
In addition, you can not only write comments in a text message, but also add other information. If you want to do it, under the field "Your comment" you will see "Attach". When you hover the cursor on it, you will see the tab that contains the following sections: "Document", "Audio", "Video", "Photo". Select the section you want, add a file and click "Send".
In addition to commenting on photos, you can do the same steps with the video recordings on your wall and the walls of other users, records that are added in various communities. For this you need to commit exactly the same procedure, only after selecting the feature you want to comment further.
Please note that not all users leave the access location of the reviews open. If you don't want someone commenting on the writing on your wall, go to "My settings" located in the menu to the left of the main photo on your account, look for the words "wall Settings". Next to it you will see the "Show only my records" and "Disable commenting records." To the left of each function is a small window where you have to tick the box to activate the function. Click on the box that says "Disable commenting entries" and click "Save".