The easiest way is to send an e-card. There are countless paid and free websites offering variety of ready-made cards for any occasion. It remains only to visit the site, choose the sweet heart and the soul of a postcard, write a greeting and send to e-mail a friend. Many sites provide an option of delayed delivery. So if you are afraid that in the confusion of days, you can forget to congratulate someone, write now and send. And will the card need a day.
If you are dying to do something with their hands, there is a chance to demonstrate their creativity and organizational skills. Send a greeting not only from himself, but combine love and respect all friends. Especially now that it is not difficult. Simply go to the page of a friend in one of social networks, and then brought all the data. Write to others and invite them to regroup and do something.
A lot of options, for example, the spread between the agreed letters of the word "congratulations", write your letter on a sheet of paper and take a picture with her. Discard all pictures of a person in possession of at least a basic knowledge of photoshop. He will glue all in one photograph can be sent. Surprise is guaranteed.
Can the same idea be used for audio and video. Would say warm and kind words and a special computer program will join all the congratulations. This gift will be special if it is sent from friends from the Internet, where people have only seen in pictures. Just imagine the joy of receiving a surprise when he sees the animated avatars.
You can mount a real movie about congratulations and his friends. Time such a gift will require, of course, a lot, but it's worth it. First of all, choose beautiful cards and heartfelt aphorisms, expressing a whole range of feelings. After this beautiful melody. By the way, it is very important: bad music can ruin even the most wonderful movie.
The most important task is to collect pictures of congratulations from the earliest to the last. After all, with a few can tell about a lifetime. Ask for help from family and friends through social networks, and they surely will help you. Zagruzit all the collected material into Movie Maker, and the gift is ready.
The next step is to put material on the Internet and show it to the recipient. It is also not a concern. It is sufficient to use the services of any videohostinga and send the link to the exposed video to all my friends. No need to be afraid that the video will be able to see the whole world. If you want, you can give access only to the elite. You can go to special sites that for a small fee, will place your masterpiece or even help to create a special greeting page. And some can provide finding congratulations to the TOP 3 or TOP 10 in search engines.