Until mid-2010 in the social network worked a lot of applications that are allowed to transfer votes to any user of this social network, regardless of affiliation to the circle of your friends. However, this function was abolished in order to curb fraudulent activities relative to the social network users. Now, the transfer of votes in available only to those users who are in your friends list on the website.
To transfer one or more of the votes of the users who are in your friends list, log in to your account at the following link:
If your personal account has at least one voice, you will see a button called "Translate voice", otherwise this button will not. Click on it with the left mouse button.
After you click, you will be redirected to a page where you are prompted to select a user from the list of your friends whom you wish to transfer voice. There is the same, but in another field, specify the number of votes to be transferred. You can also choose to fill in the "Comment" field. When the votes will come at the expense of your friend, he will be able to read your comment.
The transfer of the votes to be confirmed. And for this your page must be linked to the mobile phone number. Once you select user, sum of votes and confirm the action on the room that you assigned to your social network account, you will receive an SMS which contains a confirmation code. As a rule, the message that comes within a minute, but sometimes you have to wait longer.
Enter the code in the opened small window. If the confirmation code is entered correctly, the specified amount of votes will be deducted from your personal account and will be sent to the recipient. The fee for the transfer of votes will not be charged.