Wait for special events, which annually organizes the VK administration after some public holidays: New year and Christmas, March 8, Victory Day, etc. these days the users of Vkontakte are allowed to send free gifts, but to send is available only to certain of them and in limited quantities.
Take advantage of special offers that will allow you to get free voice – internal currency of a social network, which in turn you will be able to purchase the items. You will need to follow a few simple steps for which you will receive votes as a reward. To do this go to user settings and click on "Balance". Select the "Get voice" and go to "Special offers". Read the list of available tasks and select the appropriate ones and after that start to perform. Most often users are encouraged to join different groups or to evaluate certain records.
Try to promote different applications, thereby earning votes for the purchase of gifts. Some of them contain certain conditions which need to see. It is usually sufficient to be an active user of the app and place it on the page its content, and active links.