On the tab page contact under each gift located the string "Remove". If you press it, the gift will disappear, and in its place will appear the inscription "the Gift removed. To restore". If you click the word "restore", the deleted gift will appear again on your page.
This feature is available only in the first time after removal of the gift. If you do not use it immediately and move on to another page of the site, to restore the gift using this method will be impossible.
Find a special program to recover deleted gifts. At the moment there are two such programs: VKGiftsRestorer and VkBot. The first designed exclusively for the restoration of the gifts, and the second is designed to work with all functions page Vkontakte.
Download the program from the website of the developers of software or file sharing website and install it on your computer.
To restore the gift you must know its ID number (id). If you don't remember, try to find out the id of the deleted gifts from the technical support site.
Click "Help", raspolojennoi worgu page Vkontakte. Under the header "Here You can let us know about any problem with Vkontakte, open graph, you will need to enter a message with a brief description of the situation and a request to provide information about the id of gifts.
When you run the program VKGiftsRestorer in the opened window you will need to enter your username, password and id gifts.
If the id is not known, in "Primary Id" and "End-Id" specify the widest range of numbers, for example, from 1 to 99999999. This range will be checked by the program and, in the case of matching, the gift will be restored.
If you installed the program VkBot, on the page with your Facebook profile will appear a button "Restore gifts". After clicking it and enter your ID number, the gift will be restored.