On the question of whether to drink vitamins before pregnancy, there is no definite answer. Some doctors against additional drugs and insist on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, encourage other to use vitamin complexes as an additional safety net. Sure you can say one thing: it is better to revise your diet, get rid of bad habits, change the way of life and not to drink vitamins than Vice versa. Drugs with vitamins will be almost useless if the mother smokes, eats fast food and doesn't eat fruits and vegetables.
To prepare for pregnancy and to start to drink vitamins, you need at least 3 months before planned conception. This is the minimum time during which the body will have time to amass all the necessary substances. Women with chronic diseases, high mental and physical loads, weak body, problems with previous pregnancies it is better to start a course of vitamins before. To drink vitamins, it is desirable both women and men: in the male body through vitamin complex will improve the quality of reproductive cells.
Female body right for pregnancy and carrying a healthy baby need folic acid or vitamin B9 which has an impact on the formation of the nervous system of the fetus. Need other b vitamins as well as vitamin E (the lack of it is one of the causes of miscarriages). On the basis of surveys and analyses to make more accurate conclusions about what substances are needed for a woman in individual cases. For example, when lack of iodine in the body additionally the doctor appoints or selects iodine vitamin complex for pregnant women with iodine in the composition. Also most women need before pregnancy to stock up on magnesium, calcium and zinc.
Doctor consultation for selection of vitamin complex optional. There are specially designed vitamins for planning pregnancy, they contain all the necessary substances in the right proportion. One of the most popular complex "Elevit Prenatal" also demand "Alphabet mother's health", "Prenatal vitamins", "Obscene" and others. Still, it is advisable to consult the gynecologist, he will help to make the right choice, because all these drugs have slightly different composition: in some there is no iodine and trace elements, in others too high a dose of vitamin A, which can be dangerous in large amounts for pregnant women in third not enough folic acid.