Folic acid, or vitamin B9 is one of the most essential for women during pregnancy. It is responsible for the formation of the nervous system of the child for proper growth of his spine, for the development of the intellect and psyche. The shortage of folic acid the cells divide worse, with the result that can be observed pathology physical development, underdevelopment of the brain, it can also lead to miscarriage. Folic acid can be consumed along with the food: it is found in many vegetables, especially contains a lot of vitamin B9, legumes, spinach and asparagus. Doctors advise to start taking folic acid at the stage of planning of pregnancy, so the body had the necessary supply of this vitamin. With food hard to get the right amount of folic acid, pregnant women need 600 mcg per day.
Vitamin C is also important during pregnancy, although the lack of it is not as damaging as lack of folic acid. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system of the pregnant woman, protecting her from infectious diseases that can hurt the child. In addition, this substance participates in the formation of the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy. Enough to get vitamin C from food, it contains tomatoes, parsley, lemons, olive oil and many other products.
Vitamin B6 is called pyrodoxine, this substance helps women to combat morning sickness, is able to poison life during pregnancy. Thanks to this vitamin, reduced nervousness, decrease or stop muscle spasms and cramps. The child also needs pyrodixine, it is necessary for proper formation of the Central nervous system.
Vitamin a is a vitamin of growth, and its deficiency affects the child's development in the womb. But an overabundance of this substance is also very dangerous: because of the large amounts of vitamin A may develop serious pathology. It is therefore undesirable to drink vitamin complexes with this substance in it will have products with its content – carrots, yellow vegetables and fruits.
Vitamin E helps the female body to produce sex hormones, promoting favorable conception. But during pregnancy, it is desired that the fetus was formed correctly. Vitamin E participates in the proper functioning of the placenta, protecting against miscarriages in the second trimester. Sufficient quantity of this substance will protect a woman's skin from stretch marks.