Folic acid (vitamin B9) is contained mainly in green vegetables like parsley and spinach, and in flour, meal, beans, cabbage, orange juice and some other products. Women planning a pregnancy, before conception should start taking folic acid 400-600 mcg per day. Why is this necessary? Folic acid is actively involved in cell division and the lack of it on the second week of pregnancy may be detrimental to the emerging nervous system of the fetus. Later deficiency of vitamin B9 possible defects in development of neural tube, anencephaly, hydrocephaly, mental retardation and other serious consequences. Especially the actual intake of folic acid in preparation for pregnancy if the woman used oral contraceptives, as compared to them, the likelihood of deficiency of this vitamin is very high.
Vitamin E and folic acid, is prescribed for preparing to conceive and during pregnancy. It applies to the state of the membranes and internal structures of cells. Vitamin E called "vitamin of reproduction , because it restores the balance of hormones, ensures the normal functioning of the human reproductive system. In some ways it creates competition hormonal drugs because it is prescribed for menstrual disorders, ovarian dysfunction, etc. the Effect of vitamin E similar to the action of the hormone progesterone, which cares about the safety of pregnancy, normalizes the functioning of the placenta and prevents its detachment. However, since this vitamin tends to accumulate in fatty tissue, you should be careful with its dosage. Use common sense – do not exceed the prescribed dose. Then the entire volume of the vitamin will be spent for the benefit of the body.
The easiest and most reliable way to obtain the necessary amount of folic acid and vitamin E – to take special vitamins are recommended by doctors in preparation for pregnancy. They are completely balanced in terms of composition and dosage, which should be strictly adhered to. However, beyond the vitamins should not be, a women's diet needs to contain vegetables, fruits, greens, meat and fish.