You will need
  • Vitamin E capsules, folic acid, vegetable oil, nuts, sea buckthorn, herbs, buckwheat, wheat germ, soy.
If you are planning pregnancy, taking vitamin E, and folic acid are best according to this scheme: folic acid is constantly in a dosage of from 1 to 5 mg per day, vitamin E during the second half cycle of 4-10 mg per day. We must not forget that overdose can lead to allergic reactions, lethargy, nausea and even bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract.
Add to your diet more foods containing vitamin E. primarily, this vegetable oil. Try to add in oatmeal and salads only vegetable oil.
Eat more nuts and soy, this is the right source of vitamin E. but do not take in the store ready products from soy protein, it is better to buy soy beans. After processing of them, you can cook a variety of tasty and useful dishes.
Try to avoid diet, because vitamin E is stored in adipose tissue. Lose it, you lose your reserves of vitamins. If you want it before pregnancy to lose weight, you should do it for a few months to prepare for pregnancy.
To gain weight also not recommended in combination with consumption of large doses of vitamin E it can cause excess and unpleasant consequences.
If in between meals you want to eat, eat in this case, a light salad of greens, dressed with oil, and if it is not possible to prepare this salad – carry nuts. This snack will provide your body a favor and an extra dose of vitamin E.
Not to cause harm to your body when planning a pregnancy, consult your doctor. He will conduct the necessary examinations and prescribe the most suitable dosage of vitamin E.
If you are unable to consult a doctor in the matter of dosage, it is better to take it at a lower dosage, and in any case do not exceed the recommended daily dose.