The most popular for pregnant women are vitamins B12, B9 and B6. The latter provides a good emotional condition of the mother and the normal development of the fetus. B12 protects the pregnant woman from the threat of miscarriage, and B9 is responsible for the development of the nervous system of the child. In addition to these vitamins, the pregnant woman needs iron, calcium, zinc and iodine that are also involved in the optimization of hormonal processes in the female body and in the formation of the tissues of the fetus. The best multivitamins for pregnant women are considered "Perinatal", "Multi-Vitamins", "Alphabet mother's Health", "Vitrum Prenatal" and "Pregnavit". Vitamins can be taken throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Choosing the best multivitamin complex for children is one of the most difficult tasks. Because the child's body develops rapidly, and the vitamin a drug, which came to him yesterday may be useless today. For children aged from 1 year to three years are considered the best vitamins "Kinder Biovital Gel", "ALFAVIT Our Baby" and "Multi-Tabs Baby". They are available in the form of a gel, drops and powder. From 3 to 7 years is recommended to give the "Centrum Children", "Alphabet kindergarten" and "Multi-Tabs the Kid". Finally, students under the age of 12 years, the best vitamins are "Yunikap" "Multi-Tabs classic" and "the Alphabet the Schoolboy". Teenagers can take adult vitamins, however, some manufacturers offer special systems for this age, for example, "Spanish Teenager".
The best multivitamins for men can be considered "Aerovit", "Alphabet", "Duovit for men" and "the Alphabet men". They maintain a high health of the body and normalize the functioning of the male reproductive system. Necessary components to support the health of older people can be found in vitamin complexes "Vitrum century", "Centrum silver", "ALFAVIT 50+" and "Gerovital".
For immunity are the most suitable vitamins E, A, R and C. They have antioxidant properties, stimulate the synthesis of antibodies, inhibit the activity of disease-causing agents and help to remove inflammation. The most famous multivitamin to strengthen the immune system are considered to be "Multi-Tabs Immuno Plus", "Centrum", "ALFAVIT for the Season of Colds". There are also special vitamin complexes for patients with influenza "Aevit", diabetes - "Diabetes Alphabet", with heavy damage - "Gerimax".