You will need
  • Scissors
  • T-shirt
  • Fantasy
  • Small accessories for decorations (buttons, beads, ribbons)
At the beginning of the process we need to find the t-shirt we won't wear for one reason or another. For example, accidentally damaged sleeve t-shirt or hem with a hot iron, or on the t-shirt did not appear otstiryvaniya spot. But despite that, this t-shirt you value and really like it. If you found a t-shirt, then this is the ideal base for our future t-shirts.
Try on a t-shirt and visually inspect it for holes or fading, so that nothing is missed later in the manufacturing process. Then, standing in front of the mirror, we begin to fantasize the model of our t-shirts and to outline the future of the slot. Their location depends on where exactly you decide to emphasize in your figure. Maybe you want to make a big neckline, or make a t-shirt on one of the straps, or take a short tube top without straps - so the designated t-shirt at this stage.
Then start to make cuts - but please remember to do the fitting after each cut. As they say in the saying: measure twice, cut once. Better to be safe and then get a great design thing, than one wrong cut and ruin all their efforts.
Mikey differs from the t-shirt with no sleeves, so this part of the t-shirt will in any case cut off. Edge slices can be treated with a serger, or just to stitch on the machine to knit will not be dismissed. But you can specifically deconstruct the creative edge, to fluff thread, or to cut a fringe for beauty, and gently stretch the strips. Soft knit rolled in tube and will add charm to your t-shirt.
Then you can put on t-shirt patterns with spray paint, or sew on shirt buttons and beads, it is possible to cut small holes and thread them in a bright satin ribbon, the options are many.