Coaxial cable

This type of cable is still the primary, and so almost any TV there is a connector under it. This type of cable has the lowest quality of the transmitted image. It is used to connect the TV antenna to the TV.

Composite cable

Composite cables usually have three wires in the bundle: yellow, red and white. Yellow transmits the video signal, red and white are responsible for the transmission of audio signal (red cable is for right stereo, white for left). This type of cable is commonly used to connect VCRs, DVD players, old game systems to the TV. But since composite cables are unable to transfer digital video, they were gradually replaced by component. To connect such a cable is required in accordance with the color, yellow to yellow, red to red, white to white connector.

Component cable

The component cables looks very similar to composite, but already capable of transmitting digital high definition signal. This is due to the fact that the image is divided among the three cables. Over the past few years TVs, DVD players and a new system of video games began to be equipped with component outputs to send the image. Also included usually are two cables for audio signal. They also need to connect to the device, in accordance with their colors.

DVI & HDMI cables

DVI and HDMI are digital cables that can transmit both standard and high definition video signals. If your TV or other device you have any of these connectors, it is best to use them. DVI means "digital visual interface", HDMI multimedia interface high-definition". DVI connection does not transmit sound. The HDMI connection transmits sound to other devices with the appropriate connector. Such cables are often used in computer technology and digital networks.

When choosing a cable television it is necessary to clearly understand its purpose, characteristics and model name. This information will help you to select the desired product and to avoid any unnecessary problems when you connect it to the TV.